Khilafah is the Answer

The Times Newspaper once quoted a Hindu writer as saying, ”Turkey is now reduced from being a world-influence as the head of Islam to the insignificance of a Balkan State.” That was on the 7th of March 1924, a few days after the destruction of the Khilafah ruling system at the hands of the traitor Mustapha Kamal. Almost 80 years […]

Political and Cultural Invasion

History has shown that the strength of empire has been built on many things such as powerful armies, efficient administration, economic prosperity and good leadership. However, one of empire’s more indiscernible means of consolidation lies with its culture. Culture governs the prevailing art, architecture, language, education, law, and philosophy of life – as well as dress sense, culinary […]

Dangerous Concepts

The first time the term fundamentalism appeared was in Europe towards the end of the 19th Century. It was used to indicate the position of the Church regarding the new sciences and philosophies and the strict adherence to the Christian faith. The Protestant movement is considered the basis of fundamentalism. It set out its fundamental principles in the […]

Funds in the Khilafah State

After all the copies of the first edition went out for print, and numerous requests for more copies of the book were received, it was decided to reprint it, particularly as we received several comments, notes and edited corrections. I have studied all these comments, notes, and edited corrections precisely and have chosen after careful study the strongest […]

The Economic System in Islam

This book of the economic system in Islam is a precious intellectual Islamic fortune, rarely matched. It is the first book which crystallises, clearly and obviously, in this century, the reality of the economic system of Islam in this period in an explicit fashion. It explains the Islamic view of the economy and its objective, […]

Det Islamiska Systemet

Människan utvecklas genom den tanke som hon har om livet, universum och människan samt förhållandet mellan dessa alla och det som fanns före respektive finns efter livet. Därför ska den samtida människans tanke ändras grundligt och omfattande och en annan tanke bildas så att hon utvecklas. Det är nämligen tanken som bildar uppfattningar om sakerna […]

Intellektuella Introduktion till Islam

Det är på modet att förneka Guds existens i Europa i dag. Denna nymodighet har gjort människor blinda anhängare till falska idéer istället för självständiga tänkare som med sin egen intellektuella omdömesförmåga kan frigöra och upphöja sig själva över denna flockdjursdrift. Grunden till denna förnekelse av Gud är först och främst det motbjudande förtrycket av människorna i det medeltida Europa. De […]